Our Area

The local branch of the RSCM

The Southwell and Nottinghamshire branch of the RSCM provides local training events for singers, organists, instrumentalists and all who are interested in the enhancement of worship through music.

Such events can provide:

  • new ideas for forming or training a choir
    (including the Voice for Life programme);
  • ways to encourage reluctant singers and instrumentalists to participate;
  • opportunities to see and try new music;
  • alternative music: for the seasons, Iona, Taizé, world music;
  • suggestions to help when there are only limited resources;
  • arranging music to suit your own resources;
  • training for organists;
  • training in effective accompaniment;
  • ‘Meet, Eat and Sing’ events—a convivial way to gain new ideas;
  • opportunities to share ideas with others and learn from each other.

Visits can be arranged to your church to discuss any problems you have and try to find ways of overcoming them. Training events can be arranged in your church for your musicians or church members.

Our work is for the needs of the future, as well as the present. These are the long-term challenges:

  • enabling suitably trained and experienced musicians to lead and inspire
  • reversing the present decline in singing in and out of church
  • understanding the nature and use of music in worship

An important footnote

There have been occasions when events have been arranged, sometimes as a result of a request for particular training, but have had to be cancelled through lack of support. This is costly and often means that someone has spent time preparing for the event, and may even have turned down musicians elsewhere.

We need to know what you feel is important, what would interest you or your church (congregation, choir, music group, organist …), what areas of training you would find helpful.

Please contact your local area committee (above right) with suggestions or requests for training events that would be beneficial to your church or the wider Christian community. We will do our very best to meet your needs BUT we do need your support and presence!